Book Review: Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells

Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells is another excellent example of her world building skills. She not only manages to create a world full of cultures and long history, but also one with completely different, yet easy to understand religions.

Her main character is a priestess of The Adversary. She’s also lost some of her faith and therefore has no fixed temple. She’s older, which is an unusual choice for a female character. I think it makes her even more intriguing. She travels with a company of actors, who strike a balance between gypsies and a traveling troupe.

Given that her main character has been out of the politics of the religions for so long and is traveling with an outsider group, the reader is granted an outside perspective on what is happening in the big city.

It’s a fascinating read and I’ve been through it three times and still find it enjoyable. I’ve liked almost everything by this author and highly recommend you try her out.

You can find this book here: Wheel of the Infinite


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