Book Review: Blood Crazy

Blood Crazy by Simon Clark

How do you survive when the one who wants to kill you isn’t some nameless, faceless other, but you own mother or father. What if it wasn’t just your parents who’d gone insane, but every adult over 20? Could you make the choice to survive without them? Could you come to the realization that it’s kill or be killed and carry it through?

When I first started reading this book it seemed like a standard horror-gore-fest book, but after a little while it became more of an epic like The Stand. But honestly, it’s an eaiser read and you don’t have to deal with all the pomposity and bloat that the longer book has.

Part coming of age, part Arthurian legend, and part straight out horror, I definitely reccomend this one. It makes you think, really think about what matters in your life, what living and surviving really mean.


One comment on “Book Review: Blood Crazy

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