Book Review: Grit And Grace

Grit and Grace by Ken Wilber

This is probably the most extrordinary book on death, dying, love, living, and spirituality i have ever had the good luck to read. It is a true story of Ken and his wife Treya and how they dealt with the ups and downs of breast cancer for five years.

The most interesting part of the book is that while it is a sad subject in general, the book is overwhelmingly positive in its opening. All the good and bad times are brutally honest and open and from two perspectives. It uses Treya’s journals and letters as well as Ken’s own rememberings of the period. It is a very intimate book. More intimate than most books I’ve read on experiences.

There is a lot of emotional honesty out there, but this is spiritual honesty as well. These are two people training in meditation and psychotherapy. They are more than capable of stepping back and analyzing their reactions, but are human enough to acknowledge that they make the mistakes of not using that knowledge and ability. They have the singular capability of showing their nastiest demons through word and deed without flinching. They make you understand the normality and the unusualness of the situation and how to deal with it.

This is not a book filled with preaching or teaching, but it is filled with both just the same. It is a roller-coaster ride that I’m glad I took. And two people I wish I knew personally because their writing is transforming and their energy exciting.

It is a must read for support people, people with cancer, and people without any connection to cancer. It is about life as much as it is about death and I thank Ken and Treya Wilber for sharing of themselves.


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