Book Review: Design for a Great-Day

Design for a Great Day by Alan Dean Foster and Eric Frank Russell

I have to say, this is one of my absolute favorite books. I’ve read it five times, this being the sixth. It still maintains its ability to hold my interest, despite the fact that I know what’s coming next.

The underlying themes of unity, peace, and transendental philosophy are on top of a gentle skewering of modern warefare and politics. It makes you think more about how you react to those who are different. And what you would do if you were faced with the decision of stopping a war that had been going for years and you believe is built on truth. Could you question what you truly believe as a people enough to stop a war with no garauntee that the other side will also put down their weapons. And what happens when you discover that you have a common enemy? How do you go from hating your enemy to working with them. And by the time you overcome those differences, is it still likely that you will want to fight someone else?

There is a mythology that says that the most enlightened among us don’t have to fight simply because people forget that they were going to fight them. The Solarians are such a people.


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