Manga Review: Descendants of Darkness #2

Descendants of Darkness (Japanese name: Yami no Matsuei) by Yoko Matsushita

This is a much better series in manga and I’m very glad my friend convinced me to pick it up. There is so much emotion and depth in the stories. Since it is a series about investigators, it lends itself to episodic stories. But each of the stories builds on the main characters’ histories. It’s considered an older teen book, but unlike the teen books I read when I was younger, it doesn’t patronize. There are the occasional manga stereotypes, but shrugs that’s part of the charm of it.

I love the art-work style in these books as well. It’s not cheesy and cartoonish like DragonBall yawn. It’s intricate and more like a series of photographs than a cartoon. Check out the series. This is the second book and it’s already better than some first books.


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