Book Review: Hex and the City

Hex and the City by Simon Green

This is one of the Nightside books. But it is a much deeper Nightside, more like the first one. It’s a dark, gritty, permanently Noir world where it’s alwasy 3 AM and anything and any sin can be bought for the right price, even if that’s your soul.

John Taylor is a PI with a gift for finding anything. And he is hired to discover the secret of the Nightside’s creation. He finds through his search that the Nightside is intimately conneccted to his mother – no one knows who she is, but they’re terrified of her.

He has different companions in this book – Madman, who once glimpsed actual reality and never recovered, and Sinner, who sold his sould to find true love and has held onto it through Hell and back. There are secrets revealed and terrible, wonderful workings recognized.

John’s finally starting to figure out who he is and what he wants to become. There’s a core of all the Nightside books that walks through the sin unscathed. Some would call it love, some sacrifice. But I think it’s Right Purpose and Right Action, which encompass love, compassion, righteousness, anger, and hate.

Come visit the nightside again and see what it is and isn’t, find the lies behind the truths and the reality behind reality. Nightside is a place where we tap the unconscious and find all the collective myths that we’ve created with blood and pain, and confront them.


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