Book Review: Spirits White as Lightening

Spirits White as Lightening by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill

This is part of the Bedlam’s Bard series. Eric Banyon is a bard who lives in New York City. He finds another bard picking out a living on his banjo at the subway station and befriends him. As always happens, things get a little more complicated just when he thinks things are calming down.

A mad Sidhe wants to destroy humanity and has set up and alliance with a black bag human operative to achieve it. He’s after human talents in general and Eric in particular. At the same time Eric’s friends and partners are having a Naming ceremony for thier baby, he’s attending summer school, and taking care of a Healer friend who’s coming to town to go to college.

It’s a fun read and this is probably one of my favorite series from Lackey and Edghill. I love the Elves in the real-world and the fully developed mythology of the world. Urban fantasy is probably my new favorite sub-genre. This one is well worth the read and well worth the wait. Now I just have to get the next one…


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