Book Review: The Deceased

The Deceased by Tom Piccirilli
Amazon link: the Deceased
Okay, the best I can say about this book is that once it gets ahold of you, you almost have to keep going to find out where it will end. It’s violent. It’s sick. It’s psychotic. (And I use that term very precisely.)
Ostensibly, it’s about an author who writes horror novels. It’s almost a cliche to start with that premise. There’s a lot of tempation in writing characters out of your own life. But it quickly twists out of the mold that it should fit. I think the closest author comarison I could come up with is Poppy Z. Brite.
Piccirilli does not shy away from graphic violence, taboo sexuality, or straight-forward investigations of psychotic lives. The family is populated with incest, depression, and psychosis of a deep and enduring kind. Even the least damaged of the characters is horribly, mentally scarred. If you push through this one, don’t be looking for a happy ending or a neat bow of a solution. It’s not there. Still, if you can find it cheaply, it’s not a bad read. It is disturbing and full-out in the realm of splatter-punk. This ain’t Stephen King.


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