Book Review: The Face in the Frost

The Face in the Frost by John Bellairs

I remember I used to love John Bellairs’ books. I was looking forward to revisiting that enjoyment. The problem is, I didn’t particularly enjoy the book. It left a funny taste in my mind. The writing is okay. The details are fun. But, overall, the plot and characters are lacking. We never really get to know what Prospero does when he solves a problem. I see no development in his character. Things just seem to happen. It’s very like life, but rather aimless and slightly off kilter. It should remind me of Alice in Wonderland but it doesn’t. Things happen. More things happen. And poof suddenly everyone’s having a party and the problem is solved. There’s no motive, there’s no motivation. I don’t reccomend this one, even though I wish I could.


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