Book Review: The Wisdom of African Mythology

The Wisdom of african Mythology by John J. Ollivier

Don’t get this book. It’s not worth it. I’ve read better versions of all of these myths in other books. The pendantic and pathetic summaries he gives on each section aren’t worth the trouble. You’ll do yourself better by getting a children’s book of African myths. The author is biaed. He can’t write good poetry (it’s all stilted a,b a,b stanas.). He seems to have this vision of Africa having been a perfectly peaceful and enlightened place before the white man showed up. I’ve studied Nigerian mythology and relition and tribal law, (Yoruba and Ibo), he’s wrong. He also adds on “modern” endings to the myths that make them seem even more trite. I cannot believe this was actually nominated for the Pulitzer. Go see a story-teller or pick up a kid’s book instead.


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