Book Review: Live It Up without Outliving Your Money!

Live It Up wihtout Outliving Your Money!: 20 Steps to a Perfect Retirement by Paul Merriman
Amazon Link:Live it Up

It’s a good, solid, financial book filled with charts, statistics, and lots of advice. I liked it. It had some great information. I even liked the example portfolios he came up with. The thing is, it’s dense. I mean it. If you don’t have a vague idea of IRAs, taxes, portfolios, and other fincial items, you’ll probably find it a little daunting. You can read the essays at the beginning of each chapter to get a sense of what he’s talking about, but if you’re just starting out, this book will take study. He’s very clear about any conflicts of interest he might have, so you can feel confident that he’s not just trying to sell you another one of his books. (The feeling you get with the Rich Dad series.) He has a website with constantly updated information and new articles, so the book is sort of a living book. You can also get better explinations on his website, so I’d reccomend stopping when he references an article and going to take a look at it. Overall, a trustworthy feel to the book, but hard to slog through at times.


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