Book Review: The Wizard of 4th Street

The Wizard of 4th Street by Simon Hawke
Amazon Link: The Wizard of 4th Street

I actually had let this one sit for so long that I needed to start over because I’d forgotten what had happened! I’m glad I did though because it was a fun read. It’s an interesting blend of Lovecraft and Arthurian legend set in a future positive post-apocalyptic New York City. For once the fall of civilization is in the past and the survivors with the help of Merlin have created a new, positive civiliaztion using magic in place of technology. It’s a familiar place though, with cops, robbers, computers and cars.

Our main characters are Kira – a street-wise theif, Wyrdrune – a warlock, and well, an assassin who I won’t tell you anything more about so I don’t spoil the surprise. Merlin is in and out of the story. And there’s an absolute hoot of an animated broom who sounds like a stereotypical Jewish mother. Wyrdrune and Kira manage to steal some enchanted runestones. When they go to fence them though, the stones keep returning to them. What are the stones? How do they get out of the fine mess thier in? Only time, magic, and a little bit of luck will tell. Pick it up if you have a little time.


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