Quiz Result: Crystal Witch

Okay, despite not having any idea what level is what in this order, or caring really, I took this quiz and ended up with:

White – The highest rank in the Crescent Witch
Order. As a White Witch, you are able to sit
on the Council of Seven, the overseeing council
created to advise royalty and train new magical
girls in the ways of the Cresent Witch Order.
You have made it this far only be learning
certain virtues, not only new magic. As a
White Witch, you are well aware of yourself and
what your identity is in the world. You seek
to better the world, and tend to look for the
good in your fellow people. But, are also a
fair judge when it comes to arguments.

Virtue needed to gain this level:

What level of Crystal Witch are you? (Girls Only)
brought to you by Quizilla

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