Books I want to read

Okay, I’ve got a list of books I want to read stored in a bunch of places. I’m going to throw it here so I don’t lose it anymore.

Halting State – Charles Stross

Making Money – Terry Pratchett – (EDIT: 4-12-09: Read)

Devilish Greetings: Book of vintage devil postcards

Catastrophe’s Spell – Mayer Alan Brenner

George’s Secret Key to the Universe – Lucy & Stephen Hawking

The Book of the Damned – Charles Fort

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse

The Computer: An Illustrated History

Cheap Laff’s: The Art of the Novelty Item

Fragile Things – Neil Gaiman (EDIT: 11-14: Read)

Flesh and Bone – Jefferson Bass

Overclocked – Cory Doctorow (EDIT: 11-14: Read)

The Jennifer Morgue – Charles Stross (EDIT: 4-12-09: Read)

Sun of Suns – Karl Schroeder

The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic – and How it Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World – Steven Johnson

Sudden Gravity – Greg Ruth

What Got You Here, Won’t Get you There – Marshall Goldsmith (ED: 5-6-10: Read)

(ed: 1-23-13: Tags added.)


One comment on “Books I want to read

  1. Matthew McClintock says:

    Just so you know, the Mayer Alan Brenner books (some of them, at least) are also available at

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