Why I started driving the SpeedLimit Or, how I learned to love cruise control

This is not a preachy article. I’m not going to blather about being a lawful citizen or any of that BS.

Nope, I started doing the speed limit because I remembered why they were introduced.

Back in the seventies, there was this little, let’s call it “The Energy Crisis.” There’s been a lot of references to it lately since gas prices are shooting up again.

During this 1970’s crisis, scientists discovered that if you did approximately 55 MPH or lower, you increased your fuel efficiency. They made it a requirement on all major highways in order to decrease fuel usage.

So, I now do the speed limit. I use my cruise control to keep me on speed because, let’s be honest, I’d be keeping up with traffice at 10-20 miles above the speed limit if I didn’t use it.

Still, there are a few adjustments. Like trying *not* to wince and speed up when some alpha-hotel comes roaring down the street behind you in the right lane and gets pissed because you’re doing the speed limit in the right hand lane. It’s not like I’m trying to make other people do the limit. I’m just trying to get out of the way of the Prius and the Hybrid Escape with the Terrapass sticker….

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