Tiny Hog saved from extinction

Most of the time I try not to go all girly, but for this I’m making an exception. He’s soooo cute. Much better than a potbelly pig.

Okay, girly time over. In Nepal, for the first time, pygmy hogs are being released back into the wild. Hopefully, this will help stimulate the population. The scientists are hopeful:

Early signs bode well for the pigs’ prospects. The 16 hogs due to return to the wild – taken from a captive population of only 79 – have been kept in large pre-release enclosures that replicate their natural habitat for the past five months and have become progressively shyer, their keepers say. “Up to release date, the hogs have shown naturalistic behaviour and an aversion to human contact, which is a positive sign that they will fair well when released,” the project said in its latest update.

Rather than just releasing the pigs, the Durrell Wildlife group is educating the local population on habitat and species preservation. While the little piggies will be exposed to their natural predators and the natural dangers of the world, the conservationists aren’t just abandoning them to their fate. They’re taking steps to intervene on the human side of the equation. As with all species, habitat loss is the largest threat to their continued existance.

(Via Boing Boing) (Via Times Online)

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