Why I dumped BUD

I invest in pure stocks with Sharebuilder.

Last week I dumped by Anheiser-Busch stock (BUD).

Why? Well, it all has to do with why I bought it in the first place. Anheiser-Busch was a family run company. It brewed and processed its beer in the USA. It has an excellent conservation foundation that it supports. And it has a fun theme park.

InBev has done a hostile take-over of the company and has pushed to oust the entire board (ie the family that made it good). I say, goodbye, have a nice life.

The reason that I felt it was a strong company was the family’s loyalty to the product and their ability to run the company. I don’t think InBev gets it and if they were willing to perform a hostile action to take it over, I don’t trust them not to screw with the management and the factory and the theme park.

I’m not saying that anything bad *will* happen, just that I don’t trust it *not* to happen. After the trade, I still made a couple of dollars on it.

Good luck BUD and thanks for all the frogs.

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