FInancial Weaknesses

As I’ve said before, I’m not a personal finance blogger. Still, I read them and every once and awhile a post comes up that I find myself wanting to respond to. My Dollar Plan put up a series of financial weakness self-analysis questions, that I’m going to explore below.

1. What is/are my weakness/es?


2. How many weaknesses do I have?

4 currently

3. How big are my weaknesses?

Small time.

4. How much money does my weakness cost me per year?

Books – if I go into a bookstore I come out about $100 poorer. I’d say that on average, I go to the bookstore about four times are year now. So, say $400-500/year.

Comics – About 40-90/ 3months. I have subscriptions to several comics and graphic novels. I pick them up about every three months. Depending on how many I have it’s 120-270 dollars/year.

Lunches – About 200/month for lunches, snacks and the occasional dinner out.

Sodas – $0.50/day = $182.50/yr.

5. How hard would it be to eliminate my weakness?
6. If I eliminated my weakness, would I be happy? (I’m combining 5&6)

The books… I’m getting better at going to the library and only buying the ones I really like or need for research. And I try to buy more used than new books. Giving these up all together would make life pretty freaking miserable for me.

Comics… Cheaper than cigarettes, but just as addictive. Again, I don’t have many vices, but reading in all forms is my biggest one.

Lunches out… I could give this up. I’ve done it before. I just don’t really like it. I have to be to work so early that the only things I could really make ahead and sandwhiches and I outgrew those in high school. I average about $5-8 for lunch every day. By cutting them out I’d save a significant amount of money.

Sodas… If I gave these up it’d be better for my health and my pocketbook. It would be hard though. The caffiene headaches only last a little while right?

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