Donor’s Choose Project: Solar Analysis

I’m highlighting projects from Donors Choose. This is Solar Analysis – a request to help fund hands-on science exploration for junior high students in Washington State.

Our school district has faced major budget cuts this past year. Although our district is committed to math and science excellence and to the NASA Explorer School program, science funding is a major issue.

My students need a star theater, an astronomy kit, a Sun-Earth model, 9 hands-on solar structure models, and an astronomy catch ball. The cost of this proposal is $573, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

This project only needs $393. Please help me fund this project or any of the others on the below page to completion!

With Donors Choose, you can give as little or as much as you like to each project. You can pay by credit card or check. Each donor recieves a reciept for tax purposes and a thank you from the teacher once the project has been completed.

If you have five dollars, please click below and help out.
Donors Choose

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