Random Rant: Bathtubs

Okay, so I was sick this weekend and wanted nothing more than to be able to relax in a nice, warm bath. So I drew the bath and settled in.


Settled in. That’s such a laugh. There are options. I can sit tailor style in the bath and hunch over in order to get my arms and knees in the water at the same time. Or I can lay back, wrap my legs into a pretzel and have my shoulders and my feet in the water at the same time as long as I don’t mind having my knees, chest and stomach out of the water.

Seriously, I haven’t been able to sit in the bath and have my chest covered in water since I was a child.

People do not “over-estimate” how many baths they’ll take, they underestimate how uncomfortable the bloody things are. I’d love to take more baths. If there were an option that let me have my toes, stomach, boobs, and shoulders all in the water at the same time and didn’t include 1) needing a ladder to get out of it 2) sitting upright in a walk-in bathtub or 3) having to spend outrageous amounts of money to get the designer who made a bathtub for the NBA suites in Vegas to make one for me too.

Seriously, I’m not even six foot! I should be able to lie down in a bathtub!


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