Current Reading Dec. 09

The books I’m currently reading:

The Art of Seduction
Goedel, Escher, and Bach
Two-Person Game Theory
White is for Witching
House of Leaves
Ghost Road Blues
Food, Inc.
Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!
Nothing’s Sacred
The Big Con
Banvard’s Folly
The Mystery of the Grail
The GodPlayers
The Snowball
The Shining
The Way of Shadows
The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat
Hobson and Co
The Murder of Tutankhamen
The Doorbells of Florence
Joystick Nation
Carried Away
Working for the Devil
Devil May Cry 2
Born on a Blue Day
The Devil’s Picnic
The Music of Razors
Free the Children.

Not that I’m a Biblio-slut or anything.


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