Service Review: Pandora Radio

When I first stumbled over Pandora Radio, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to give it a go because my *evil* *evil* router at the time would kick out at least once, if not twice a night. But, now that I’ve got a stable connection, I’ve gotten into it.

Basically, Pandora lets you create a radio station that’s based on songs you like. It takes the songs you like and then matches them up with other songs in its collection which have similar tonal qualities, singers, or genres. This means you can create an all folk station or an all broadway station, or heck, you can mix up Lady Gaga and Manhattan Transfer in the same station and see what sort of new music you can discover.

Without a subscription, (the service is free, but a subscription kills the ads and lets you skip a little more often), you get a typical radio ad after X number of songs or X amount of time. I didn’t bother to time it. You also get X number of skips each hour. That means, you can fast-forward or tell the station that you *cannot stand* that song and it will never be played again. You can “like” or “dislike” songs as they’re playing or after they’ve finished. Each “like” or “dislike” changes the mix on the station. That means you can get the Beatles out of your classic rock station if you like. For me, it means I can get rid of Brittany Spears on my rock station. 😉

I decided to spring for the subscription. (It’s only 36 a year.) That means I don’t have to worry about ads and I can skip more songs. I hate ads. And I can get sort of testy or picky about my music some nights, so I need extra skips.

You can also buy songs that you like. (Which goes to support the site, if you’d rather not subscribe, but still want to support them.) I’ve discovered three or four new artists through the service already.

So, give it a try: Pandora Radio


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