Manga Review: Night Head Vol. 1

Night Head Genesis Vol. 1 story by George Iiad, Manga by You Higuri

Recommended for people who like “Supernatural”, “Pretender”, or “Dark Angel”

Night Head is based on a Japanese television series. Having never seen the original, I am unable to tell you if they are anything alike. However, I can talk about the manga on its own merits.

When they were small, gifted brothers Naoto and Naoya were taken from their parents and put into a research center. They both have psychic gifts. Naoya is a precog and a touch-psychic. Naoto is a telekenetic. They’re dangerous, but good boys.

Naoto is the over-protective big brother. Naoya a more gentle, shyer type. They escape from the facility that’s been holding and researching them.  They make their way in the world. Naoya has a vision of an apocalyptic future. They have to change it. They also have to stay alive when it turns out there’s people who want to kill them.

This is just the first book, but the feel of it is good. I like the brothers. I am willing to overlook the plot holes. It’s not the best manga in the world, but it is enjoyable and I am definitely looking to see more.


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