Newsline Winchester, VA: GE Factory shutting down

While I applaud the  movement away from incandescent bulbs for energy savings and everything else, I always feel sad when a factory shuts down as opposed to attempting to re-tool.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s expensive. But I also know that if you slapped a big-old “made in USA” on your CFL’s, you could still sell them – even if they do cost more. There are a lot of people in the states, in the DC area especially, who try to buy items that aren’t from China. Or simply are “locally made.”

Heck, think of it at the 100 miles consumption compact or something. (Hmm… wonder if we could swing that. The only thing I’m thinking could be an issue is cloth, but that might be doable as well. There are flax fields here.)

I’m not going to get ticked off at GE for closing down the plant. I’m just going to spend a little more money to give to the food bank and support the family shelters in the area. After all, a factory closing means jobs gone and right now, my business isn’t good enough to hire someone else.

Good luck guys and gals.

For more information: <a href=””>Washington Post</a>


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