The World has gone mad

but that’s not a bad thing.
Since there’s so much information out there right now, I’m creating a bit of a round up page sorted by country. It’s terribly exciting and I’m sure incredibly terrifying at the same time to the people on the ground. Good luck all! May your voices be heard.


Round up of the ignored movements (ontd_political)

N. Africa/Middle East

This is a general round up post of government violence Plus PostPart I Part II (ontd_political) Part IV

Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria (boing boing)


Thousands of Protesters Take Control of Bahrain’s Main Square (ontd_political)

Bahrain: peaceful protests turn violent as police attack demonstrators (boing boing)


Tahrir Square’s spontaneous kindergarten (boing boing)

Egypt Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet (ontd_political)

President Obama on Egypt (White House Blog)

How to: Counteract religious strife (boing boing)

Egyptian protesters storm the building that holds their “Stasi files” (boing boing)

President Obama on Egypt’s Future: “Suppression is Not Going to Work” (White House Blog)

Sharing Power in Tahrir Square (boing boing)

President Obama on the Situation in Egypt: “All Governments Must Maintain Power through Consent, Not Coercion” (White House)

What’s Happening in Egypt Explained. (UPDATED) (Promoting Peace)


The forgotten protest (


Iranian warships cross Suez canal (ontd_political)

Iran: crackdown on anti-government protesters grows more violent (boing boing)

Iran Post: Mousavi and Rahnavard Reported Missing (ontd_political)

IRAN PROTESTS (2/14/2011) (ontd_political)

Iran Uses Force Against Protests as Region Erupts (ontd_political)


US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements (ontd_political)


Italy: Bad Day for Sultan Berlusconi as Millions of Women Demand He Resign (boing boing)


Military aircraft fire on protesters in Libya (boing boing)

2 Fighter Pilots Seek Asylum in Malta (boing boing)

Libya’s UN mission asks world to defend Libyans from Gadaffi

Operation “Libya White Fax” (boing boing)

Libyan Forces Fire On Mourners At Funeral Again (ontd_political)

President Obama Speaks on the Turmoil in Libya: “This Violence Must Stop” (white house)

Libyan forces turn on Gadaffhi, declare “Free Benghazi,” capture foreign mercenaries (boing boing)

Libya: Audio interview w/ man dodging gunfire as militias attack protestors (boing boing)


Single mother lights herself on fire as protest (Reuters Canada)


Increased US Drone attacks kill only 2 high-value militants. (ontd_political)


Gorbechev slams Putin (ontd_political)


Fox News Declares Brown People Cant Haz Democracy, Not in Their Nature (ontd_political)

Could you make a Tahrir Square game about nonviolent revolutions? (boing boing)

When Democracy Weakens (ontd_political)

Could it spread to N. Korea? (ontd_political)


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