TSA Roundup – so named b/c I’m lazy

There’s not a lot of TSA action right now, not with everything that’s happening across the globe. But that doesn’t mean we should forget about things that are happening in our own back yards. Here’s some of the incidents I’ve kept in my feed reader, just for this occasion.


Rep. Sharon Cissna Gives Account of TSA Experience

“The evening of the 20th of February 2011 started with relief, as I was anxious to get back to the important work of the Alaskan Legislature. Heading into security after time with the line of passengers, I felt upbeat. I’d blocked out the horror of three months earlier, but after the pleasant TSA agent checked the ticket and ID, I suddenly found myself directed into scanning by the Seattle Airport’s full-body imaging scan. The horror began again. A female agent placed herself blocking my passage. Scan results would again display that my breast cancer and the resulting scars pointed a TSA finger of irregularity at my chest. I would require invasive, probing hands of a stranger over my body.

Memories of violation would consume my thoughts again.”

(Alaska Democrats)

After removing prosthetic breast, flight attendant says TSA goes “too far”

Body Scans

Jesse “The Body” Ventura objects to airport body scans (Reuters)

Abuses of Power

Wikileaks volunteer detained and searched yet again at airport

TSA screeners stole over $200K from fliers’ baggage (boing boing) NY Daily News Article

This isn’t the TSA’s fault, but the fault of the no-fly list: Immigration officer fired after putting wife on list of terrorists to stop her flying home

He used his access to security databases to include his wife on a watch list of people banned from boarding flights into Britain because their presence in the country is ‘not conducive to the public good’.

As a result the woman was unable for three years to return from Pakistan after travelling to the county to visit family.

New Technologies

Israeli scientists have created a detector with eight specially trained mice. (ontd_political)

General Information
TSA cheat sheet: know your rights! (boing boing)

Flier beats TSA video recording charge in court (boing boing)

$100 Bribe to Ticket Agent Allows Unknown Package to Fly on JetBlue (ontd_political)

Ron Paul – “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” HR 6416, the American Traveler Dignity Act (ontd_political)

The Hidden Costs of Extra Airport Security (NY Times)

TSA is sad that we don’t want them to touch our junk (boing boing)

Stupidity (There’s no nice way to classify this)

Airport officials declare tiny toy gun a safety threat (boing boing)

TSA bans bikini woman for ‘unusual contour’ around buttocks (ontd_political)


Tom the Dancing Bug: A Security Issue at the Office (boing boing)

The Inevitable Taiwanese News Animation about the TSA’s Touching of Junk (boing boing) NSFW

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