Libya gets violent and more world news

Things keep going crazy and I can’t help but keep the signal going. The toppling of dictators and the viral spread of news and democracy are just amazing to watch. It’s like watching a tipping point in action.

There’s not a lot I have the power to do, so I share articles that make me think.


South Korea Prods North by Dropping Leaflets Telling of Mideast Protests (ontd_political)

N. Korea Threatens South on Balloon Propaganda (NY Times)


Saif Gadaffi promises guns and reinforcements to murderous militias (boing boing)

Libya: conflict extends to hospitals (boing boing)

Gaddafi gags spread as Libya exorcises leader cult (Reuters Africa)

Gadaffi jams satellite phones and TV, mobile phones (boing boing)

Gadaffi sends text-spam offering bribes to counter-revolutionaries (boing boing)

President Obama on Libya: “These Sanctions Therefore Target the Qaddafi Government, While Protecting the Assets that Belong to the People of Libya” (White House)

Obama announces Libya sanctions

Libya: Eyes on Benghazi (boing boing)


Banned books return to shelves in Egypt and Tunisia (ontd_political)


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