Wednesday for Wisconsin

I can’t even keep up! The amount of information flowing out of Wisconsin is just incredible.
The abuses heap up on one side, and the feel-good stories are on the other. Here’s what I’ve been packing away in my reader just for this occasion.

In Wisconsin Obama’s Approval Soars as Scott Walker Plummets (ontd_political)

A former GOP aide to Senate Republicans: You can beat Walker (ontd_political)

Wisconsin protests—now with farmers (and tractors) (boing boing)

Anti-abortion groups welcome Gov. Scott Walker’s budget plan. (ontd_political)

Tank Riot on the Wisconsin situation (boing boing)

Michael Moore Joins Wisconsin Pro-Union Protesters (ontd_political)

The Spirit of Wisconsin (ontd_political)

CREW Uncovers Scott Walker’s Illegal Use of Wisconsin Troopers (ontd_political)

Cops tackle lawmaker amid layoff threats, detention order: Tensions still running high in Wisconsin (ontd_political)

IWW General Strike posters to print and forward (boing boing)

20 lies (and counting) told by Gov. Walker (russ’ filtered news)

Pictures of the protest from March 5 (ontd_political)

Wedding reception on the Wisconsin protest line (boing boing)

Wisconsin Senate OKs arrest of absent Dems for contempt (ontd_political)

Wisconsin Senate votes to detain absentee Democrats (ontd_political)


One comment on “Wednesday for Wisconsin

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those poor people, (I pray they don’t give up and keep fighting. Not just for themselves but for all of the United States, because) this is everywhere. Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Florida…it’s like an infection. People are losing their constitutional rights to live peacefully and take care of their families.

    This is a Class War. It can’t be denied any longer. The rich are assaulting the poor and the poor have to fight back.

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