A sea change in the Tibetan Government

The Dalai Lama is stepping down as the political leader of the exiled Tibetan government.

This is simply staggering. I know that he has wanted to do this for awhile, but it’s still shocking that he’s chosen to push the issue.

The odd thing is that he’s indicated that he wants to retreat from being the head of the spiritual aspect of Tibet as well. (I am wondering if this is a translation or reporting issue.)

China has decided that he must reincarnate – the way it’s always been done. Which actually just makes me laugh.

Dalai Lama announces plans to retire as political leader of Tibetan government in exile (boing boing)

Dalai Lama to relinquish political role (ontd_political)

China says Dalai Lama has to reincarnate (reuters)


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