Overtaken By World Events

The earthquake in Japan and the imminent nuclear meltdown are all over the news and have taken a rising position (rightfully so) in many blogs.

You won’t find anything on that story in these links. No, this is what’s happening in other countries right now. To me, these stories are just as important and some of them are just as compelling as what’s happening in Japan.


Rejected by Bahrain (boing boing)

Two Protesters Dead as Bahrain Declares State of Emergency (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabian, gulf forces enter Bahrain (ontd_political)

Bahrain’s royals declare martial law (boing boing)

Saudi Arabia sends counterrevolutionary goons to Bahrain (boing boing)


Egypt: female protesters tortured, sexually abused, “charged as prostitutes” (boing boing)

Egyptians Get View of Extent of Spying (NY Times)


Iran threatens to boycott 2012 London Olympics because of logo (ontd_political)

Iran opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi ‘arrested’ (ontd_political)


Israeli Gov’t May Deport Children Attending Tel Aviv School Featured In Oscar Winning Documentary (Think Progress)

Ivory Coast

Defiant women march at site of killings (ontd_political)


UN authorises no-fly zone over Libya (Al Jazeera)

Solidarity and Intervention in Libya (Jadaliyya.com)

UN approves military intervention to protect Free Benghazi (boing boing)


Pakistan minister Shahbaz Bhatti shot dead in Islamabad (ontd_political)

Analysts: Political impact uncertain after CIA contractor freed (ontd_political)


Palestinian family in East Jerusalem told to make way for Jewish settlers (ontd_political)


Tunisia interim leaders dissolve secret police agency (ontd_political)


Welsh Assembly Referendum: Wales Decides Today – Two Opposing Viewpoints (ontd_political)


Yemen leader blames protests on US (Al Jazeera)


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