Wisconsin Wednesday (Plus much much more)

Once more, I have to shake my head in disbelief that there’s enough continuing protests and related union interference in the nation, that I can devote a day to this insanity. We do not live in the 19th century. Unions are necessary for the protection of workers and the protection of the rights we have fought to keep.

In my opinion, everyone has the right to join or create a union, should they so choose. A union should not be required, but should be available. If there is a union, management should respect it.

Those of you who are arguing against unions? Study your history first, please. Talk to me about child labor laws and sweatshops and laborers being treated badly because they were simply a cheap resource. After that; after you have seen the factories Upton Sinclair wrote about; after you’ve heard the stories of the women who burned to death because management chained the doors shut; after you’ve seen the pictures of ten year-olds in coal mines or dying from crawling up chimneys. Talk to me then.

This is not about money. It’s about the power of collective bargaining and keeping that in the hands of the people.

The Necessity of Protest (ontd_political)

Those who fought to achieve these rights endured tremendous suffering, pain and deprivation. It is they who made possible our middle class and opened up our democracy. The elite hired goons and criminal militias to evict striking miners from company houses, infiltrate fledgling union organizations and murder suspected union leaders and sympathizers. Federal marshals, state militias, sheriff’s deputies and at times Army troops, along with the courts and legislative bodies, were repeatedly used to crush and stymie worker revolts. Striking sugar cane workers were gunned down in Thibodaux, La., in 1887. Steel workers were shot to death in 1892 in Homestead, Pa. Railroad workers in the Pullman strike of 1894 were murdered. Coal miners at Ludlow, Colo., in 1914 and at Matewan, W.Va., in 1920 were massacred. Our freedoms and rights were paid for with their courage and blood.


Tony Shalhoub speaks in Madison (Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room)

Conservative Hubris: Recall? What Recall? (ontd_political)


(Nashville City Paper) Protesters arrested following disruption of committee hearing


Indiana Republicans at a loss without Democrats (ontd_political)


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