The World Keeps Spinning

The world is changing incredibly quickly. There are more and more reports of sea changes in the middle east. The situation in Libya has its own post. Wisconsin continues to boggle my mind.

Here’s a few links to things you might not have noticed when you were scanning through the overwhelming flood of news.


US Army apology for photos of soldiers with Afghan body (ontd_political)


Where are the UN resolutions to protect civilians in Bahrain? (boing boing)


Egyptian Interior Ministry on fire in aftermath of protest (ontd_political)

Egypt: Amnesty condemns “virginity tests,” sexual abuse of female protesters, journalists (boing boing)


Guatemala first couple eyes divorce over vote (ontd_political)


25 hurt in Jerusalem bombing (ontd_political)

Military Intelligence monitoring foreign left-wing organizations (ontd_political)

The Democracy Revolutions and the Israel-Palestine Conflict (ontd_political)

Statement by the President on the Bombing in Jerusalem (White House)


Pakistani Actress Veena Malik schools a mullah about Islam (boing boing)


And the ethnic cleansing continues in the Palestinian territories. (ontd_political)

The Democracy Revolutions and the Israel-Palestine Conflict (ontd_political)


Middle East unrest: Silence broken in Syria (ontd_political)


Tunisia’s ongoing revolution (ontd_political)


Yemen in state of emergency after protest massacre (Reuters)

the yemen revolution (ontd_political)


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