The spring of discontent

And so, things continue. Here’s some of the interesting world events that have popped up on my viewscreen.


War and video: Some thoughts on the flood of graphic “conflict clips” online (boing boing)


Florida Pastor Burns Koran; Protests in Afghanistan Lead to Deaths, Including Foreign Workers (ontd_political)

UN staff killed in Afghanistan Quran protests (ontd_political)


Ai Weiwei detained by Chinese police (The Guardian)


Iceland seeks to become sanctuary for free speech (ontd_political)


Omagh booby-trap bomb kills policeman (ontd_political)


Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimes (ontd_political)

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast conflict: 800 killed in one town on one day; France takes over airport (boing boing)


Iman Al-Obeidi: “Every Day I Am Beaten” (NPR audio) (boing boing)

Israeli weapons in Libya? Andy Carvin and his Twitter followers debunk sloppy reporting, tweet by tweet (boing boing)


Moscow cops confiscate copies of book outing corrupt authorities (boing Boing)


Yemen conflict: “Can you hear me now? Good!” (photo) (Boing Boing)


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