Wishlist of stuff that is just cool.

As always, I have no need for any of the things on this list.

They’re just COOL.

My father’s always said, “you can want anything in the world, just don’t expect to get it.”

That being said:

Weapon thumbtacks – come in katana, rapier, battle-axe, etc. (Thinkgeek.com)

Hakko 936 Soldering Iron (Boing Boing) <– Okay, this I might need. We've lost the soldering iron in the house. Might as well get a good one as opposed to a twenty dollar P.O.S. which will be broken within two years.

UNDX-1 Pocket Geiger Counter (Boing Boing) – I want it for, um, for ghost hunting? Yeah, that’s it. Ghost hunting. *nods*

Cheshire Cat Pocket Watch – Sadly, this is just concept art, but I want it. NOW

Adam Wallacava tentacle chandelier (This links to the gallery, so you might have to search past shows)

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