It’s Wednesday, what do you *think* this post is about?

Well, Wisconsin just gets more and more… interesting, don’t you think? It’s got all the bits that you’d need for a good novel. Palace intrigue, a warring population, favored sons, and political instability. We’ve got the bad guy, now we just need a hero to emerge from the other side and the narrative will be complete.

And we’re not discussing the anti-choice legislation that’s being paraded around. Or the harsh, extreme rhetoric.

No, we’re going to stick with good, old-fashioned… WTF LePage? in Maine. When your own party’s upset with you, you need to sit down and evaluate your choices.


Gov Paul LePage Writes New Book: How to Make Enemies and Alienate Voters (ontd_political)


Wis. Corrects Vote Count, Gives Incumbent Big Lead (ontd_political)

(In other words: don’t count your elections before they’re hatched.)

The Latest: Kloppenburg Ahead — With All Precincts Reported (ontd_political)

Scott Walker gives cushy $85.5K/year government job to major donor’s young, underqualified son (Boing Boing)

Emperor Walker Replaces Evil Union with Awesome Nepotism & Corruption (ontd_political)


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