How awesome, how terrible, is the world

Some days the world is so overwhelming in its scope that I cannot envision how rules manage to keep their sanity. (Obviously, many of them don’t.)

We’ve got wonderful, terrible, world-changing events going on every day.

Here are a few of the ones I’ve collected. There’s plenty missing – nothing on the Japan reactors and the plume of debris heading for the states for example. There’s nothing on climate change or the US government shut down. (Blame the Republicans who are new to Congress and don’t realize how this works.) Nothing on Canada’s elections. (Hope that works out.)

But I’m trying to keep my eyes on interesting events and not ignore things as the media is wont to do when a new shiny pops up. It just that I’ve only got two of them.


Deadly Minsk Metro Blast (ontd_political)


11 Children Killed in Brazil School Shooting (ontd_political)

The shiny, blue crystals brought pain and death
(Boing Boing)


32 women detained by Henan police for writing gay fiction for porn site (ontd_political)


Women in France defy veil ban (ontd_political)

French Burka Ban takes effect Monday


India’s corruption scandals spawn citizen protest (Washington Post)


Iron Dome successfully intercepts Gaza rocket for first time (ontd_political)

Ivory Coast

UN and French helicopters fire on Gbagbo residence (ontd_political)


Evacuation of war-wounded in Libya: first-person account by MSF nurse (boing boing)

Libya rebels paint vehicles not to be striked by NATO (World Bulletin)

“Text of New Qaddafi Letter to Obama” (ontd_political)

Ex-Congressman in Libya to ‘Help’ Once Proposed Arming Gadhafi (Wired)

The Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck of Libya Emerges (ontd_political)


Epic Mexico march calls for end of US-led drug war, legalization & for army stand down (ontd_political)


Russian Government Blamed In LJ DDoS Attacks (ontd_political)


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