Game Review: Peggle

Peggle from Popcap Games

Not Recommended.

I bought this game strictly because there were so many people on the net who praised it, calling it “addictive” and fun.

I’m on level nine. I sure hope it starts being fun and stops being tedious by level 10. That’s as much time as I’m willing to give it.

At its most basic, Peggle is the unholy union of Breakout and Plinko. That means once you fire the ball, just sit back and watch it.

You can’t control the “paddle” at the bottom. You can’t affect the ball in any way. And sadly, you don’t even get the company of Bob Barker or Drew Carey. Heck, I’d be happy if there were simply a chance of winning back the dosh I shelled out for it.

The level design is colorful and the music doesn’t make you want to stab your eardrums out, so on basic mechanics and interface, it gets and A.

For actual game play, this is a solid D minus. I’ve played slot machines with more to them. I’ve only hung in for this many levels to give it a fair shot.

Don’t bother with this. Go play Robot Unicorn on Adult Swim instead.

If you’re foolish enough to still want it, here’s a Powell’s link to the DS version:


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