Latitude and Longitude Events


Harper ducks questions on Governor General and coalition (ontd_political)

Stephen Harper thinks immigrants live in ghettos and don’t integrate into ‘western Canadian society’ (ontd_political)


China says Tibetan Buddhist monks “disrupt social order,” forces “patriotic re-education” camps after suicide protest (boing boing)


Last known gay holocaust survivor to receive France’s top honour (ontd_political)


U.S. envoy: Gaddafi troops raping, issued Viagra (ontd_political)

Youngest Son of Qaddafi Is Killed in NATO Airstrike (ontd_political)


Pakistan allows transsexuals to have own gender category (BBC News)


Palestinian Unity Deal (ontd_political)


My father, the hero (A gay girl in Damascus)

Canadian Journalist still missing in Syria (Ontd_political)

United Kingdom

Student Alfie Meadows charged with violent disorder… (ontd_political)

LGBT activists arrested during royal wedding (ontd_political)

On the day of the wedding, this country is undergoing a profound identity crisis. (ontd_political)


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