Turn, Turn, Turn,

I make no representations for these stories being anything more than the ones that caught my eye. There’s so much going on that I know I can’t keep up with it all. I can’t even keep up with everything that’s happening in my own back yard. And that’s okay. Not ideal, but okay.


Aircraft carrier left us to die, say migrants (ontd_political)

One in three Africans is now middle class, report finds (The Guardian) Well, if there’s one above and one below, this is probably the right mix. Middle class, being in the middle.


Brazil top court recognizes same-sex civil unions (ontd_political)


Two months on (Charlie’s Diary)


Iman al-Obeidi is alive! (ontd_political) — Shaming victims of rape is done in the states. I don’t believe it here. I don’t believe it there.


Tens of Thousands March in Mexico City (NY Times)


Al-Qaeda denies role in Morocco cafe blast (ontd_political)


Scottish election: SNP surges to ‘historic’ victory (ontd_political)


Spanish cancer scientist rages at government in funding row (El Pais)


Govt rounds up hundreds of anti-regime activists (ontd_political)

Syria’s man-in-the-middle attack on Facebook (boing boing)

United Kingdom

Richest students to pay for extra added places at Britain’s best universities? (ontd_political)

Clegg threatens to veto NHS reforms in bid to reassert himself (ontd_political)

This seems like a good argument for AV or PR in itself: Straws drawn to break a tie (ontd_political)

Contaminated Zam Zam holy water from Mecca sold in UK (ontd_political)

Women mobilise for first British ‘SlutWalk’ rally (ontd_political)


Nationalists attack WWII veterans and Russian diplomats in W. Ukraine


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