Yale opening its catalog!

I am absolutely thrilled that Yale is opening access to his collections. I love being able to access incredible research information. These images will be public domain. That means they’ll be available for study and research and illustrating articles. It means that we’ll be able to do firm research and provide illustrations as confirmation and support. Okay, okay, enough geeking out. Just look at some of what is now available:

The Yale treasures that are now accessible under the new policy are as wide-ranging as the collections themselves and include such diverse items as a small limestone stela with hieroglyphic inscription from the Peabody Museum of Natural History, a Mozart sonata in the composer’s own hand from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, a 15th-century Javanese gold kris handle from the Indo-Pacific collection of Yale University Art Gallery and a watercolor by William Blake from the collection of prints and drawings in the Yale Center for British Art.

I’m thrilled by this.

See here for more.


One comment on “Yale opening its catalog!

  1. Ray Raines says:

    Fantastic stuff, just Stumbled it

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