Son of the Revenge of Wisconsin Weds.

Okay, not so much with the union issues on this one. This is more of a disenfranchisement issue:

Wisconsin Assembly passes voter ID bill (ontd_political)

For Real This Time: #Wisconsin finds $636 million in couch cushions (ontd_political) – And still the stupidity towards the workers continues. Funny how these numbers change every time you read them isn’t it?

‘Koch brothers’ confusion results in death threat for Iowa company (ontd_political) – Listen, kids, I know you’re passionate, but even if you had the *right* target, death threats *are not appropriate*. Are you listening? Threatening to kill your political enemies is what makes a terrorist. Don’t do that. Boycotts, protests, strongly-worded condemnations of political practices? Sure. Death threats are *wrong*.


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