All the news that’s fit to…

Rather, all the news I’ve bothered to pay attention to and magnify, is more to the point. I don’t have comments on some of it. Some of it is stories I just keep an eye on. And the rest just struck my fancy.


2011 Global Peace Index Results (ontd_political)


Taliban kill dozens in attack on Afghan construction site (ontd_political)


..First Nations leaders concerned over ministry change to ‘aboriginal’ from ‘Indian’ (ontd_political)


Falun Gong sues Cisco over complicity in China’s “Golden Shield” – allege torture, murder (Boing boing)


Red-crested rodent reappears after 113 years (i09) — Adorable! I’m so glad that they’re not extinct after all!


Do We Have the Congo Rape Crisis All Wrong? (ontd_political)


Denmark bans Marmite (boing boing)


Strauss-Kahn’s pals bid to pay off woman’s kin (ontd_political)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: why French women put up with it (The Telegraph)


German police seize Pirate Party servers, looking at Anon’s toolkit (ArsTechnica)

German police raid German Pirate Party’s servers two days before election (Boing boing)


India education: Dalit student suicide (Global Post) — Being an American, and believing in equality, the caste system distresses me. *This* type of report is even more distressing because it indicates that things are not getting better for people at the bottom.

India’s unwanted girls (ontd_political)


Israel approves new West Bank settler homes: NGO (Google News)


Silvio Berlusconi warns Milan could become ‘Gypsytown’ (ontd_political)


16 killed in landslides at Malaysian orphanage (ontd_political)


Palestinians’ Abbas vows UN statehood bid (ontd_political)


Moscow Pride to go ahead despite ban (ontd_political)


Sweden deports Turkmen dissident (ontd_political)


Turkish Website Threatens to Post More Sex Tapes (ontd_political)


Sweden deports Turkmen dissident (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

London’s Latin Americans ‘face exploitation at work’ (BBC)

Wikipedia edits from parliament airbrush Dorries sex abuse row (ontd_political) — The sheer ignorance in Dorries’ statement makes me foam at the mouth, so I won’t say more than be aware of this. This is common thinking, obviously.

Tory causes more outrage with ‘date rape’ comments (ontd_political)

Be Careful What You Wish For… (Scottish election results) (Slacktiverse)

President Obama Speaks to the Parliament in London: “The Time for Our Leadership is Now” (White House)


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