Labor News Weds.

This whole thing started with monitoring the Wisconsin fight. Then, it started moving toward being more a way of monitoring things that are happening in the labor world. I’m not in a union. But I, of course, have at least one family member who is. (Quick count of hands, how many people have a family member in a union?)

I also appreciate what the unions have done for me in a larger sense. All of the hard-won fights that mean I’m not losing my fingers working on a machine or locked into a 12-16 hour day or forced to take care of my own health care or buy all my goods from the company store. I support the 40 hour work week (which again, is due to unions). I support a safe working environment and enough lighting and bathroom breaks. (Again, hello, union.) So, even if you aren’t in a union and you live in the US, you’re benefiting from the fight the labor unions have been waging for years.

This is what’s been running around this week on the labor front:

Newsflash: You can’t live on minimum wage! (ontd_political) – especially if you’ve got kids.

Grocery Store Workers Go On Hunger Strike Over Stagnant Wages (ontd_political)


PPP Poll: Wisconsin Wants To Recall Walker — And Put Dems In The State Senate (ontd_political)

Wisconsin Union Law Struck Down By County Circuit Judge (ontd_political)


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