TSA Traumas

Okay, so by this point you’ve probably guessed that I’m not to pleased with the TSA. They’ve lost sight of their true objectives, haven’t proven that their techniques are actually doing anything but painting a big old target on our backs, and tend to blithely traipse their way into really *bad* situations PR-wise. That isn’t to say we don’t need security, just that I don’t feel any more secure with their current policies.

So, let’s see what we’ve got.

Blatant mishandling of a situation:

Developmentally disabled man harrassed by TSA at Detroit airport (boing boing):

A doctor reports that his developmentally disabled son was harrassed and traumatized by the Detroit airport TSA screeners, who wanted to investigate the “puffiness” caused by his adult diaper. They man, who is described as having the mental capacity of a two-year-old, also lost a beloved toy (a plastic hammer) because the TSA claimed it could be used as a weapon. The family was on their way to Walt Disney World.

Prepping children for Pedophiles:

TSA: we’ll search your baby and it will make the country safer (boing boing)

Search for Sanity:

Now, cousins, all hope was not lost. Texas, in their wisdom, was trying to prevent bad touches and outlaw the invasive pat-downs. (Texas close to banning TSA searches, TSA invents desperate new constitutional interpretations) But sadly, Texas anti-TSA-grope bill killed by threat to shut down all Texas airports (boing boing).

Security has gotten so prevalent that even Disney is making jokes about it. You can’t go to the Moons of Endor if you don’t go through the TSA checkpoint (boing boing).

Oh, and it’s not just the TSA that’s handling things badly these days. Check out the bone-headed idiocy of Delta: Delta Airline Fleeced $2,800 From Our Returning Troops (Guys, Freedom isnt Free!) (ontd_political)


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