The triumphant return of Wisconsin Weds.

I haven’t done one of these posts for a couple of weeks. But, well, the Wisconsin oriented articles are piling up and I think they need to be shared. I’m actually separating it from the pure union stuff even, because the things happening in Wisconsin are a microcosm of the current US political climate.

Committee completes work on Gov. Scott Walker budget (ontd_political) — add tax cuts and cut spending. NO. DO NOT cut taxes. Just cut spending. Let’s see how that works first.

End of WiscNet? Joint Finance Eliminates UW-Madison WiscNet Office in DoIT (ontd_political)

AT&T lobbies Wisconsin GOP to nuke Wisconsin’s best-of-breed co-op ISP for educational institutions (boing boing)

Wisconsin GOP plotting to nominate spoiler Democratic candidates in recall elections (Boing Boing)

Wisconsin budget panel targets police, fire benefits (ontd_political) — brilliant. *rolls eyes*

Wisconsin Dems to announce that they will try to recall Scott Walker (ontd_political) — no? Really? It took them this long to come to this decision? I could have called this months ago.

Finance Committee Votes to Dismantle Family Planning in the State of Wisconsin (ontd_political)

A list of Wisconsin Senate Voter ID bill amendments tabled during debate (ontd_political)

Scott Walker wants you to die alone if you married the wrong person (boing boing)

Walker seeks to stop defense of state’s domestic partner registry (ontd_political)

Wisconsin Retirement Adds to Democrats’ Burden in Senate Races (NYT)

Wisconsin Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony (ontd_political) — BAD protesters. Not the time or place.

Scott Walker Protects Wisconsin’s Taste Buds By Redefining the Rules of the Free Market (ontd_political)


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