State’s Affairs

Okay, so the US is in a bit of bind lately. And I’m no longer focusing on just Wisconsin. Also, this is not all about unions anymore. This is about gerrymandering and unlikable politics throughout the USofA. But also it’s about really cool things that have been happening, or crimes that are intriguing, or any of a hundred other things that I don’t actually want to do separate posts about because, well, I’m lazy.

(Please note. I am an INDEPENDENT. A liberal independent, to be sure, but I’m still not aligning myself with any one political party. Be pragmatic and be legal. Don’t hurt people and don’t do stupid stuff that will lead to hurting people.) That being said:


One by one, bars get tapped out (ontd_political)

New York

New York’s “Manhattanhenge” happens twice a year (ontd_political)


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