Big World Keeps on Turnin’

Here we are, once again, looking at world events. Some of these are being covered by the local news. (DC local news = national news. Seriously.) Some of these are not.
Any comments I have will be italicized. Other than that, I’m once again leaving these things up to you.

United Nations

UN Women releases first report: Progress of the World’s Women (Tiger Beatdown)

News of the WorldI’m giving this one its own tag this week b/c it’s spilled out of the UK boundaries.

Make your own data visualizations of terrible News Corp apologies (boing boing)

News of the World whistleblower found dead (boing boing)

News of the World phone hacking whistleblower found dead (ontd_political)

Rebekah Brooks “loses” bag of evidence in trash can (ontd_political)

Brooks husband tries to reclaim mystery computer found in trashcan near home (boing boing)

LulzSec hacks The Sun, Murdoch’s largest UK tabloid (boing boing)

Murdoch apologizes (boing boing)

Rebekah Brooks resigns as chief executive of News International (ontd_political)

NMA animates #NOTW: Murdoch having sex, pie attack, Lulzsec, Wendi Deng “tiger attack” (boing boing)

Life in Rebekah Brooks’s newsroom (boing boing)

Piers Morgan denies involvement in phone hacking (boing boing)

Protester “hacks” Rupert Murdoch with pie against lies (boing boing)

Rupert Murdoch claims ignorance in hearing (boing boing)


1,800 Canadians poised to lose citizenship: Kenney (ontd_political)

Canada’s toothless telco regulator finally shows a minute hint of fang (boing boing)


Superheroes fight for Chilean education reform (Channel 9 News Colorado)


Several killed in attack on Xinjiang police station (ontd_political)

China: artist Ai Weiwei detained in tiny cell under harsh conditions (boing boing)


The Clash of Generations (ontd_political)


Twice Guilty, Hungarian, 97, Is Acquitted in World War II Massacre (ontd_political)


Whale Wars in Iceland (Discovery News)

Israel & Palestine

Why We, as Women of Color, Join the Call for Divestment From Israel

4,500 Israelis and Arabs march in Jerusalem to support Palestinian independence (ontd_political)

Israel ups ante over Palestine (ontd_political)


Kyushu Power:141 people involved in e-mail scam (ontd_political)

Fukushima city sows sunflower seeds to decontaminate ‘hot spot’ (The Mainichi Daily News)


Korea solves mystery of shaking skyscraper (spoiler: not an earthquake) (boing Boing)


Malaysian ‘teapot cult’ woman loses Islam legal bid (ontd_political)


Goran Hadzic, the last remaining Yugoslav war crimes suspect still at large, has been captured, Serbian President Boris Tadic and a war crimes tribunal announced Wednesday. (ontd_political)


Madrid protesters force police to retreat in clashes over treatment of immigrants (Gaurdian)


Meanwhile, regarding that other national question in the Middle East (ontd_political)


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