TSA Tribulations

The TSA and the body scanners have jumped back up on the radar recently.

The German’s have chimed in (German Police Call Airport Full-Body Scanners Useless (Scheier on Security)). The European Union has decided that travelers can opt-out of them. I’ve a suspicion that those travelers don’t get felt up for doing it either.

Logan Airport (Boston) Starts Questioning Fliers (ontd_political) — This is supposed to be connected to teaching people how to read micro-expressions and body language. It’s going to *backfire* spectacularly. Anyone who might have Asperger’s Syndrome, adults with autism spectrum disorders, people intimidated by authority, people with social anxiety, people with depression, people with low self-esteem will *all lead* to false positives. See more: TSA launches behavior detection program at Logan (Security Director News)

The TSA at LAX get transgender training (ontd_political) after a trans-gender employee was forced to work as hir physical sex and fired for using the “wrong” restroom. Part of the settlement includes mandatory sensitivity training. Good. Hopefully, it’ll take.

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