Always Remember, Never forget…

I was going to put this under the general world news link salad I throw up once a week. However, there is far too much to put there. So. the UK gets its own post. Don’t you feel special UK?

Young People in Tottenham Were Angry in 1985 and They Are Still Angry (OP-ED) (ontd_political)

Huge fire in London (boing boing)

Woman leaps from burning building in London (boing boing)

In business, a woman’s place is in the boardroom (ontd_political)

Young Tory broke into a police station and stole inspector’s uniform (ontd_political)

Fires started after Tottenham police shooting protest (ontd_political)

Opposition grows over Nationalist MSP’s stance on same-sex marriage (ontd_political)

In Pictures: London’s burning (ontd_political)

Chaos grips London (boing boing)

BBC Apologizes To Darcus Howe For Calling Him A Rioter In Testy Interview (ontd_political)

England riots: The global reaction (ontd_political)

An American in Birmingham: My Perspective on the London Riots (Racialicious)

Britain considers mask ban; may use army if unrest continues (boing boing)

Voices: The London Riots (Racialicious)

Britain’s liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social value (ontd_political) <– UK answer to Glenn Beck. Be warned.

Tottenham 1985-2011: Through the Fire (Racialicious)

UK riots: ‘Those who seek to racialise this problem are taking us backwards’ (The Guardian)

The UK riots: the psychology of looting (The Guardian)

Quoted: Casey Rain on Understanding the Roots of Violence (Racialicious)

Riots were a long time coming for black Britons (The Grio)

Unarmed Officers on London’s Front Lines (ontd_political)

Riot psychology (Mind Hacks)

47 arrested after disturbances in Manchester and Salford (ontd_political)

Mark Duggan death: ‘No evidence’ Tottenham man opened fire (BBC)

U.K. officials call for BlackBerry network shutdown; RIM hacked after offering help to authorities (boing boing)

BART statement on killing wireless service in stations on Aug. 11, in anticipation of civil unrest (boing boing)

UK riots: Wall of looted store transformed into Post-It messages to looters (boing boing)

Dave Allen (Gang Of Four bassist) on UK riots today vs. UK riots of ’70s-’80s punk era (boing boing)

Shutting down cell service to prevent rumored protest (boing boing)

England riots: pair jailed for four years for using Facebook to incite disorder (The Guardian)

CCTV deterrence and the London riots (boing boing)

London Fallout: The Post Riots World (Racialicious)

BART’s YouTube anti-protest video PR campaign, ripe for remixing (Boing boing)

MI5 joins social messaging trawl for riot organisers (Guardian)

English cops arrest man for planning water-fight via Blackberry Messenger (boing boing)

Anonymous hacks BART after wireless shutdown; protests planned for Monday (Boing Boing)

UK riots: Manchester police “embrace” social media—”We said we were coming for you!” (boing boing)

BART: Digital Freedom of Speech a Threat to Safety and Security! (ontd_political)

Brits: Tell Parliament to keep its hands off social media (boing boing)

Shock over ‘respectable’ lives behind masks of UK rioters (ontd_political)

UK riots: David Cameron defends police cuts in Commons sitting (ontd_political)

UK riots: Having learned nothing from Arab Spring, Cameron pursues a social media crackdown

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