Wonderful, Awful World

Good, bad, ugly, indifferent, beautiful – the world gets a little more interesting every day.


Charges Against Strauss-Kahn Dismissed (ontd_political)

Open Thread: DSK Case Dropped (Racialicious)


Torture of dissidents in Bahrain enabled by Nokia Siemens, charges Bloomberg report (boing boing)


Jack Layton dead of cancer at 61 (ontd_political)


In Beijing, 40,000 students stranded (ontd_political)

Cisco sued by Chinese political prisoners for providing tech China uses to monitor, censor, suppress (boing boing)


France’s Rich Say ‘Tax Us More’ (ontd_political)

French businessman ‘to pay all burqa fines’ (ontd_political)


German Pirate Party poised to win first federal electoral contest (boing boing)


Planking for peace: Guatemalan activists stage “die-ins” to protest migrant killings (boing boing)


Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not (ontd_political)


India’s highest court overturns film ban (ontd_political)

India: mass graves discovered, holding bodies of thousands of civilians “disappeared” in 1990s insurgency war (boing boing)


U.S. hikers in Iran get 8 years in prison (ontd_political)


Two child care issues in Japan (ontd_political)

Fukushima hunts for cesium-resistant rice (ontd_political)

Fukushima robot operator publishes tell-all diaries and videos, now offline (boing boing)

Fukushima: First photojournalist inside plant captures daily life of cleanup workers (Boing boing)

Fukushima workers face “nightmarish world of high radiation, difficult terrain” (boing boing)

Japan: first report of radioactive contamination in rice (boing boing)

Japan: Rare public apology by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant manager (boing boing)

After Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan shifting towards costly fossil fuels (boing boing)


President Obama on Libya: The future is in the Hands of its People (white house)

The Libya War argument – Glenn Greenwald (ontd_political) [OpEd]

Gaddafi’s Whereabouts Unknown — But Is It Too Soon to Declare Victory in Libya? (ontd_political)

Rebels reach Tripoli; Gadaffi reportedly flees (ontd_political)

LIVE POST! Libyan rebels in ‘final push’ for capital (ontd_political)

Libya: Don’t shoot, we’re TV (boing boing)

Libya: Rebels take control of capital (boing boing)

Libya (Slacktivist)

Libya: Homebrew weapons of the rebel forces unseating Gaddafi (boing boing)


On official visit to Mongolia, VP Joe Biden is gifted with a horse (boing boing)


Russian space agency says unmanned supply ship bound for ISS fails to reach orbit (boing boing)

Retired Russian cop arrested on suspicion of organizing execution of journalist Anna Politkovskaya (boing boing)

Soviet Union announces F-22 (boing boing)


President Obama: “The future of Syria must be determined by its people, but President Bashar al-Assad is standing in their way.” (White House)


Ugandan police firing pink-dyed water at protestors (boing boing)

United Kingdom

Tory councillor suspended after calling rioters ‘jungle bunnies’ (Telegraph)

Black Journalists Scold BBC for ‘Stunning Lack of Sensitivity’ in London Riots (ontd_political)


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